Tony’s Law

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Boating on Lake County-area Waterways Is Getting Safer, Officials Say

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Sgt. Rich Riedel, left, and Officer Chris Winters, who is piloting the patrol boat, cruise along Grass Lake in 2015 in a boat donated in memory of Tony Borcia killed in 2012 by a impaired boater. (Chuck Berman / Lake County News-Sun)


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Tony’s Law

As a result of the Y-noT Project’s advocacy and in honor of Tony, several new laws went into effect beginning in 2014 in Illinois designed to improve boating safety and enhance enforcement of existing laws:

  • Boaters must fly orange flags to warn other boaters that they are towing skiers or tubers
  • Law enforcement may seize the boat under certain egregious circumstances, including a third OUI conviction or if the boater, under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, was involved in an accident causing death or serious injury
  • Boaters born on or after January 1, 1991 must obtain Boating Safety Certificates before operating a boat with more than 10 hp, and boat renters who do not have such a certificate must complete a boating safety course
  • Boaters involved in accidents resulting in death or serious injury must submit to alcohol and drug testing

This legislation was sponsored by State Senator Julie Morrison.

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