Where Your Donations Go

The Y-noT Project is honored and humbled by the tremendous outpouring of community support for the Borcia family and for our cause. Your financial support is also very much appreciated, and is essential for The Y-noT Project to accomplish our goals. We feel it is important for you to know where your donations go.

Support for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
The Y-noT Project has become a major supporter of the Illinois DNR, as well as the Lake County and McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Marine Units, with the goal to increase law enforcement presence and effectiveness on the Fox River Waterways and Chain O’Lakes, encouraging safe and sober boating. In fact, over the last six years, we have issued grants totaling $205,612 to local law enforcement, and these grants have been used for:

  • A patrol boat for DNR to increase patrols on the Chain during summer weekends
  • Other law enforcement tools such as state-of-the-art breathalyzers, video cameras, radar units, powerful flashlights for night patrols, and life jackets for patrol officers
  • A storage shed for DNR to store its patrol boats to protect the boats from the weather, assuring a much longer life
  • Added electricity to the DNR storage building for lighting, electronics and battery charging
  • A boat lift for the new DNR patrol boat, and weekly boat cleaning, saving patrol officers’ time which allows for extra patrol time
  • An intensive, 56-hour Coast Guard training course for 18 DNR and Lake County Sheriff patrol officers.

We are beginning to see evidence that these investments are paying off. DNR increased the number of OUI citations issued in 2017 over the number issued in 2012 by 97%,  demonstrating the effect of their increased presence on the water. And the DNR’s increased focus on OUI enforcement resulted in a reduction in accidents, injuries and fatalities on Illinois waterways in 2017. For more details, see the DNR’s most recent annual report at DNR Boating Accident Report 2017.

Support for Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists
The Y-noT Project has provided grants to AAIM to support its Victim Services programs. These programs are essential in helping the families of victims of impaired drivers and boaters navigate the legal system during criminal proceedings against the impaired drivers. In addition, AAIM provides grief support groups which bring together people who have suffered similar tragedies. The Borcia family will be forever grateful to AAIM for the support it provided to them during their ordeal following Tony’s death.

Support for Badgers Helping Badgers
The Y-noT Project has provided grants to a University of Wisconsin peer support group for students grieving the illness or loss of loved ones.

The Y-noT Project has many more projects in the works; be sure to visit this page again for updates!

Mission Grants

2014-17201820196-Year Total
DNR Boat$57,644$57,644
DNR Boat Storage Building$11,655$11,655
DNR Boat Lift$13,689$13,689
DNR Boat Cleaning$1,425$1,425
DNR Intoxilyzers$69,174$15,180$84,354
DNR Radar Units$2,651$2,651
DNR Flashlights$2,196$2,196
DNR Video Camera Kits$3,833$3,833
DNR Life Jackets$1,615$1,615
DNR/Lake Cty Coast Guard Training$12,000$12,000
Lake Cty Sheriff Intoxilyzers$3,795$3,795
McHenry Cty Sheriff Intoxilyzers$5,232$5,232
McHenry Cty Sheriff Radar Units$1,732$1,732
McHenry Cty Sheriff Misc. Equip$2,188$2,188
McHenry Cty New Boat Engines
McHenry Cty Steering Mech. For New Engines$1603$1,603
Orange Flags$546$546
Libertyville Civic Center$40$40
Badgers Helping Badgers$735$735


The Y-noT Project has not used any money raised from any source to benefit the Borcia family.
Nor has it spent any money on lobbyists, politicians, or political campaigns. The Y-noT Project
pledges it will never use its financial resources for any of these purposes.
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