Y-noT Project Wiffle Ball Tournament Rules

The Y-noT Project Wiffle Ball Tournament will be played the way we played when we were kids.  This means running the bases, “pitcher’s hand out,” and even “pegs.”  The objective is to have fun, while raising money for a great cause.


  • Each game will be 9 innings or if expired by time.  No inning can start after 40 minutes from the time the game began, unless the game is tied.
  • A coin flip will determine the home team.
  • Innings will start with a runner designated by the team up to bat on second base.
  • If the game is tied after 50 minutes, the winning team will be the team that raised the most money for the Y-noT Project this year as of the end of the game.  If both teams raised the same amount of money, the winner will be determined by coin flip.
  • Maximum 6 runs per inning.


  • Teams can made up of 6 – 14 players, with 5 – 9 players on the field defensively.
  • Free substitution for fielding positions is allowed between innings.
  • Pitchers may be freely substituted at any time, but no warm up pitches are allowed when pitchers are substituted during an inning. Pitchers may be substituted out and come back in to pitch.
  • All team members must hit.  The batting order must remain the same throughout the game.  If a team member must drop out of the game, the next time through the batting order you simply skip that person’s at bat with no penalty.
  • Players arriving late to the game must be added to the end of the batting order.


  • Team t-shirts will be provided.
  • All wiffle balls and bats will be provided.
  • Only the event-supplied bats and balls may be used during the games.
  • Players may bring their own bats for the home run derby but they must be wiffle ball bats, no wood or metal bats allowed.
  • Cleats and spikes are not allowed.  Baseball mitts are not allowed. Batting gloves may be used for hitting, but you must bring your own.


  • Umpires will be furnished for each game.
  • Normal baseball rules apply except as set forth below.
  • 4 balls for a walk, 3 strikes for an out.  Unlimited foul balls. A foul tip on strike 3 that hits the strike board will be strike 3. Batters hit by a pitch is a ball and batter does not advance to first base.
  • Pitchers must pitch from the back of the pitching circle (at least one foot must be touching the back of the circle).
  • The strike zone will be determined solely by a pitch that hits the strike board.
  • The catcher will not stand behind the plate, but rather next to the strike board.
  • No leadoffs – base runners must remain at their base until the batter hits the ball – no stealing or taking base on passed balls.
  • “Pitcher’s hand out” and normal baseball rules apply to outs. Runner to first base will be out if the ball is returned to the pitcher, but only if the pitcher has at least one foot within the pitching circle before the runner reaches first base.  Other base runners cannot be out by the pitcher’s hand. Runners can also be forced or tagged out.
  • Runners may also be “pegged:” if a fielder throws the ball at a runner, and hits the runner when he/she is not on base, the runner will be out.
  • Once the pitcher has the ball and is on or inside the pitching circle, runners cannot advance, but if a runner has left the base they are allowed to try to advance to the next base only.
  • Runners must avoid contact with the fielders; any contact by a baserunner with a fielder results in the runner being called out.
  • Foul balls going outside the playing field into an adjacent field are not playable.  Foul balls not in an adjacent field may be played while in the air.  Fielders may not contact another player or a fan to catch a foul ball.
  • No infield fly rule.
  • No bunting – any attempted bunt or a bunt with less than two strikes is a strike and batter and baserunners cannot advance. Any attempted bunt or bunt with two strikes, the batter is out and the baserunners cannot advance.
  • No stalling – the umpire has discretion to penalize those who delay the game to run out the clock.
  • “NO MOUTH” rule:  this is meant to be a fun tournament, smile and bite your lip!  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • NO ALCOHOL  is allowed at the event.

Playoff Tiebreaker

  • For divisions with 6 teams, if there is a tie in the won-loss record of the pool, the tiebreaker will be decided by run differential.
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