Get Involved

Because our mission is nothing less than changing the culture that accepts drinking while
operating recreational boats, we need your help! Among the many things you can do:

  • ALWAYS designate a sober boat driver
  • Report erratic boat driving by calling 911
  • Always fly your orange flag when towing tubers or skiers, or when swimmers are in
    the water around your boat
  • Take a boating safety course (even if not legally required!). DNR offers both in person
    and online courses; go to the Illinois DNR website for information: or
  • Contact your state legislators to advocate for better boating safety laws, and for
    increased budgeting for law enforcement personnel on Illinois waters
  • Spread the word! Post on social media, and talk about the Y-noT Project. Be sure
    everyone around you knows that you believe it is not acceptable to operate a boat
    while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Support the Y-noT Project! Come to our Wiffle Ball tournament, enter a team, browse
    the raffle and enjoy the day!
  • Contact us for any additional information.
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