Home Run Derby Standings

Thank you for all your fundraising efforts

2018 Team Fundraising Total:  $17,109

Let’s try to beat that total this year!

The team that raises the most money in each division will win:

  • “Home Run Derby” t-shirts for all players on that team, and
  • the chance to compete in the Home Run Derby

The Winners of the Home Run Derby in each division will win:

  • Yeti cups with the Y-noT Project logo, and
  • Bragging rights!!


Elementary$125  (division total)
The Fireballs (Captain Brian Guerrant)$
Refuse To Lose (Captain Callie Johnson)$
Thunderstorms (Captain Kelly Dane)$
Lil Crushers (Captain Kristen Sheridan)$
Bulldog Boys (Captain Jen Hansson)$125
Saved By The Ball (Captain Akemi Nakanishi)$


Middle School$  (division total)
Rondout Wreckers (Captain Casey Sramek)$
Sandlot Crew (Captain Steve Bufton)$
Wiffle Cats (Captain Steve Harper)$
Team Huennekens (Captain Dana Huennekens)$
The Benchwarmers (Captain Kara Graeb)$
Wiffle Squad (Captain Kerri Fleming)$
The Bambinos (Captain Tricia Butt)$
Libertyville Lightning (Captain Mark Hosford)$
Junior High$  (division total)
Goofy Goobers (Captain Sam Cooper)$
YNot Win (Captain Kerri Fleming)$
Team Preusker (Captain Karen Preusker)$
The Lakers (Captain Mike Shanahan)$
Y-Not Hit Dingers (Captain Tricia Lockwood)$
Team Miller (Captain Ashley Miller)$
Bomb Squad (Captain Liam Colton)$


High School$  (division total)
Nijanes (Captain Allison DeFranco)$
Bokes & Folks (Captain Owen Edwards)$
Stick Talk (Captain Tyler DeFranco)$
Strike 3?? (Captain Kendall Edwards)$
Team Ding (Captain Everett Cortesi)$
KM Dinger Dynasty (Captain Camden Morrison)$
Team Preusker (Captains Dennis & Karen Preusker)$
Jim’s Charhouse (Captain Griffin Goebeler)$


Adult$  (division total)
One Hit Wonders (Captain Kelly Dane)$
Old Enough To Wif (Captain Megan Collins)$
Kaeleigh Borcia (Captain Kaeleigh Borcia)$
Erin Borcia (Captain Erin Borcia)$


Competitive$  (division total)
WholePackaDawgs (Captain Sean Wittenbrink)$
Legends (Captain Joe Borcia)$




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