Home Run Derby Standings

Thank you for all your outstanding fundraising efforts! The Home Run Derby Fundraising Challenge Raised a Total of $13,410!




TOTAL $2,900

Cougie Crushers (Captain Lindsay Creel)$430
Warriors (Captain Melissa Rieder)$150
Mighty Hitters (Captain Melissa Rieder)$275
Ville Dogs (Captain Melissa Rieder)$1,025
Sultans of Swat (Captain Holden Martin)$820
Wiffle Cats (Captain Stephen Harper)$
Great Bambinos (Captain Colin McMahon)$100
Ball Busters (Captain Kelly Dane)$100


Middle School

TOTAL  $1.325

Diamond Divas (Madison & Kyleigh Tournas)$204
Butterfield Bullets (Captain Melanie Figurelli)$75
Monkees On Top (Captain Jen Hatten)$
Boyz In Prime (Captain Megan Guerrant)$
Ball of Duty (Captain Jackie Randall)$60
Stevie G Ballers (Captain Weston Wyzukovicz)$311
The Dingers (Captain Kelly Dane)$675
Eagles (Captain Liam Zender)$

Junior High

 TOTAL  $1,135 

Team Dumpster (Captain Lindsay Creel)$450
The Bomb Squad (Captain Cade Tyrrell)$150
Bat-itude (Captain Jackie Randall)$235
Slammers (Captain Hunter Graeb)$200
Get A Wiff Of This (Christopher Wilberding)$
Bolts (Captain Luca Kalinowsky)$
Colby Crew (Captain Jen Hatten)$100
TT North 13 (Captain Logan Lutes)$


High School

 TOTAL  $2,175

AIOPM (Captain Mike Shanahan)$75
Nevada Nutbusters (Captain Lucas Murphy)$
Bomb Squad (Captain Joey Ciullo)$650
CC Baseball (Captain Matt Preusker)$350
Goons (Captain Luke Bowlby)$
The Pickle Senseis (Captain Johnny Leoris)$100
Team Wipe Day (Captain Jack Cenar)$
Dawgs (Captain Liam Losch)$1000



 TOTAL  $1,890   

KM Dinger Dynasty (Captain Cam Morrison)$850
Butter Burger Babies (Captain Griffin Johnson)$
The Flaming Pears (Captain Logan Ward)$20
Goon LLC (Captain Nick Borcia)$350
Green Gold Ones (Captain John Gallagher)$
Merkts Cheese (Captain Sean Wittenbrink)$100
JMR Mowers (Captain Ethan Robbins )$
Meek Mitchell (Captain Joe Borcia)$470
Wiffle While We Work (Carrie Ann Dickson )$
Decatur (Captain Michael Webb )$100



 TOTAL  $3,985  

Rockland Raptors (Captain Katie Morrison)$600
One Hit Wonders (Captain Nikki Tournas)$
Schill Dawg & Loyal Pups (Sean Strohmayer)$955
Cousin Crew (Captain Megan Collins)$1,170
Whiff This (Captain Kaeleigh Borcia)$600
Erin Borcia (Captain Erin Borcia)$660




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